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Search Engine Optimization

Make sure your search engine marketing dollars are paying off by continuously increasing your conversion rates and ROI.
The most important measurement of success with both search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) activities is ultimately profitable sales and leads. All marketing and development activities must be planned and measured against rational, measurable business goals. Costs for pay-per-click campaigns, paid inclusion and directory submissions should be investments, not expenses. You need to be confident they are worth the cost.

Our Internet Marketing Campaigns result in increased visibility and qualified visitors to your web site while ensuring the ongoing profitability necessary for success.
Detailed Analysis for Maximum ROI
Our SEMs stay on top of your site performance by monitoring web analytics reports showing sales and leads, site visitor data, statistical analysis and detailed reporting of your site's search engine placement. This information tells them where your visitors come from, what keyword phrases they use, what they buy, and, most importantly, visitor conversion rates, the percentage of sales verses visitors. Armed with this information, we can continuously improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and your web site.
Part of Your Team
Our SEMs become an extension of your team. They'll consult with you on all aspects of your website and internet visibility, helping you focus your web site content and functionality on dominating your target marketing on the Internet.
Some of Our Important SEO Techniques:
  • Content is the king. Optimize your content with keywords and phrases naturally integrated
  • Optimize the web design and structure for user friendly
  • W3C Standard coding adjustment for search engine friendliness
  • Keyword Audit: up to 1000 keywords will be researched
  • Creation of targeted, optimized META tags including title, keyword, and description, alt, and URL based on the keyword research
  • Create XML sitemap to index all site pages on Google, Yahoo and MSN
  • Custom 404 Error Pages or 301 Redirect
  • Build premium backlinks for higher PageRank
  • Submit your optimized site to major search engines up to 100 search engines, including Google, MSN, Yahoo, and other directories
  • Follow-up submissions
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